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Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage

You don't need to  make drastic changes to see an improve in your gas mileage. There are simple modifications you can make to your driving style and car maintenance that will cause a noticeable improvement in your vehicle's gas consumption. The Oil Channel in Bremen has some simple tips to help you get better gas mileage and stop consuming so much gas.

Regular Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance is a great way to ensure your vehicle and its parts are working efficiently. When you vehicle is performing well, it will also be consuming less gas. It's a good idea to check your tire pressure every week since low tire pressure will waste fuel. Remember that the summer heat will affect your tire pressure. Make sure to get your oil changed regularly and check the air filter. Keeping your vehicle in top shape can do a lot for your fuel economy.

Avoid Speeding and Tailgating

Speeding isn't juste dangerous, it can also cause your vehicle to consume fuel quicker. Driving faster than 65 miles per hour will cause you vehicle to waste gas. Avoid accelerating too quickly as you take off in order to reduce gas consumption. Make sure to leave enough space to stop comfortably between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Ease into your stops in order to conserve fuel.

Combine Trips

Planning ahead and combining trips is a great way to get errands done faster and conserve fuel at the same time. Instead of making multiple trips a day to run errands, combine your trips into one longer trip. Pick up your dry cleaning, go grocery shopping and pick up the children from school all in the same trip. You'll feel much more satisfied knowing all your errands are checked off your to-do list and that you saved fuel in the process.

Synthetic Oil in Bremen

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