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 Tips to Help You Drive Safely in Bad Weather

With the advancement in automotive technology, it can almost seem like modern cars are driving themselves. In fact, some of them almost are! This can often lead many motorists to become complacent when it comes to driving safety, particularly in instances of bad weather.
Below are some tips from The Oil Channel to help you stay safe while driving in bad weather.

Keep Your Distance

There is a range of factors which all contribute to how effectively you can stop when you need to when the sun is shining and the road is dry. When the weather is bad, however, there are even more factors which work against your vehicle in its attempt to slow down.
For this reason, when you are driving, keep a greater distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and consider applying pressure to the brakes a second or two earlier than you usually would allow extra time to reach a slow and safe stop.

Can Drivers See You?

There are times when you are driving and the only way that you know where you are going is because of the lights of the car in front of your and around you. And while this works great for you, be sure that you are providing the same help for other drivers.
During bad weather season, give your brake lights and indicators a check every few days just to make sure they are all working. It only takes a few minutes and can be the difference between a motorist seeing your car and avoid you and a motorist who can’t.

Tire Condition

Each time that you press on the brake pedal, the tread of your tire is called into action to grip the road and slow your car down. It only takes a small patch on your tire where there is no tread to come into contact with the road at the moment you apply pressure to the brakes for your tire to lose grip on the road and for you to find yourself in a dangerous situation.
A visual inspection of your tires is all that’s needed every week or so to ensure they are up to the task of driving through bad weather.
Look for the following items:
-Bald spots on the tire (spaces where there is no tread)
-Cracks in the tire
-Any debris stuck in the tread or the tire itself
If you notice any of the above or you identify another issue, swap the tire for your spare and take it to your local professional for inspection and repair before driving on it.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in Atlanta, GA

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