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Prepare Your Motorcycle for Storage

The cold temperatures and bad weather towards the end of the year can make motorcycle riding more difficult. It's not uncommon for motorcycle riders to store their bikes during the colder seasons of the year as they wait for the warmer months to come around again. To help you properly store your motorcycle this cold season, The Oil Channel in Bremen has some useful storage tips.

Find a Storage Space

Having the adequate storage space for your motorcycle can make a huge difference once the warmer weather comes back. Look for an indoor area that is dry and that will keep your motorcycle away from harm. Try to avoid storing your motorcycle near windows since the sun's rays can cause damage to parts and even create condensation on your bike. A motorcycle stand will also help keep your tires in good shape over the colder months.

Change the Oil

Before putting your motorcycle away in storage, it is very important that you give it an oil change. Storing your motorcycle with its old oil can cause damage to its inner metal surfaces. This happens because as old oil breaks down in your motorcycle, it produces harmful acids. Drain your oil while the engine is warm in order to drain it faster and more effectively.

Cover Your Motorcycle

When your motorcycle is fully ready for storage, the last step is covering it with a proper motorcycle cover. Invest in a quality cover that will protect it from dust and moisture that can accumulate over time. Look for breathable materials that will keep your motorcycle protected. To keep mice and other rodents out of your exhaust pipe, invest in an exhaust plug.

Synthetic Oil in Bremen

Don't forget to change your motorcycle's oil before putting it in storage! If you're interested in using synthetic oilThe Oil Channel can provide you with AMSOIL in Bremen. Check out our online shop for all your AMSOIL needs. Give us a call at (404) 938-9659 for more information or to place an order.

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