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This summer is the perfect chance to practice one of the most exciting outdoor activities: riding your all-terrain vehicle. However, performing certain simple chores that don’t require any expertise is crucial to keep your ATV in perfect condition. For this reason at The Oil Channel in Bremen, we created the following post containing some basic maintenance tips that you should perform on a regular basis.  

Learn Everything about Your ATV

First and foremost, you should read the owner’s manual to learn everything about your quad, as you will find everything you need to know about the care and maintenance of your machine. Plus, it will also help you keeping track of the maintenance schedules and remember to follow the break-in procedures. 

Check the Tires

It’s important that your tires are properly inflated before every ride and you should always have a gauge to perform this task. Also, make sure that the nuts are tightened and don’t forget to look for cracks and wear that can compromise your safety. 

Coolant & Oil Levels

Low oil or coolant levels can lead to mechanical malfunction, as they are responsible for maintaining the temperature of your engine and it’s the perfect way to protect your machine. Remember to change the oil according to the manufacturer's specifications.  

Don’t forget that you should wear the right protective gear while you drive your vehicle as wearing a helmet and goggles is crucial to prevent injuries. Also, mowing your lawn is another activity that you will be performing during the summer, and there certain chores that you will have to carry out to improve the performance of your machine, so be sure to read our guide on maintaining your small engine. 

Synthetic Oil in Bremen

Keep in mind that using synthetic oils in your engine has many advantages as they offer you better viscosity in low and high temperatures, as opposed to conventional oils. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Bremen, think about The Oil Channel, where you will find the AMSOIL product to protect your engine. Call (404) 938-9659 to place an order.

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