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Starting your engine may seem like an easy task that we perform everyday. However, remember that you should carry out certain chores to keep your machine in perfect condition so you can prevent and address any problems. For this reason at The Oil Channel in Bremen, we prepared the following post containing useful advice on this important topic. 

Read the Owner’s Manual

Getting to know you car is crucial and you should read the owner’s manual to learn more about its specifications, as it contains important information to take good care of your vehicle. Remember that every engine has different needs that you must pay attention to in order to pinpoint any potential problems.

Change the Oil

It’s important that you keep the moving parts of your engine well lubricated, otherwise you will have to deal with friction, lack of power and overheating that can seriously damage your engine. You should locate the dipstick in your engine and check your oil level at least once a month and change the oil according to the car’s maintenance schedule. 

Check the Fluids

You vehicle not only requires oil to work perfectly and there are other fluids in your car that you have to inspect on a regular basis. Coolant, transmission and brake fluid are just some of the fluids that your engine requires, so be sure to take your car to service, as some of them can be difficult to check by yourself. 

These simple ideas will extend the life of your engine and will prevent costly repairs or mechanical failures that can mean a setback during your summer vacation. Remember that you should take care of your machine regardless of its size, so be sure to read our guide to maintain small engines.

Synthetic Oil in Bremen

Using synthetic oil in your engine is an effective way to maintain it, as it offers you superior protection that will enhance its performance. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Bremen, think about The Oil Channel, where you will find the AMSOIL product you need. Call (404) 938-9659 to learn more about our products.

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