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Get a Head Start on Your Vehicle's Fall Maintenance

As you say goodbye to summer, start getting your vehicle prepared for fall. Remember that seasonal maintenance is important not only for your vehicle's well being, but also for your safety. The Oil Channel in Bremen has some suggestions to help you get started on your vehicle's fall maintenance.

Get Your Brakes Inspected

Storms and icy roads become quite common as the temperatures drop. This means your vehicle needs to be able to stop quickly and efficiently. Before the temperatures drop too much, it's a good idea to inspect your brakes and get them serviced. Have to whole brake system inspected so you're sure your brakes will keep you safe on the road.

Check Your Tires

Your tires play an important role in keeping you safe. Just like the brakes, you'll need your tires working well in order to be able to stop your vehicle safely. Since tire pressure can change quickly as the temperatures drop, it is recommended that you check the pressure weekly and try to maintain it at the right level. The tread on your tires should also be checked. Look for uneven wear, bulges and bald spots. If the wear bars are showing then it's definitely time to replace your tires. Don't forget about your spare tire! This tire should also be properly inflated and ready for use just in case you need it.

Increase Visibility

As the days get shorter and the weather gets more chaotic, visibility tends to decrease. Avoid visibility issues by taking care of your vehicle's lights. If your lights aren't as bright as they used to be, get the bulbs replaced. Cleaning your headlights and taillights can also help increase visibility. Avoid issues when driving through storms by replacing your windshield wipers. Replacing the wiper blades is easy and very affordable. Remember that getting caught in a storm with worn wiper blades can be very dangerous.

Change Your Oil

Getting your oil changed at its recommended intervals is always important, but even more so as you prepare for colder temperatures. If you don't already use synthetic oil, consider making the change this fall. Synthetic oils are great during the cold seasons because they aren't affected by the low temperatures like conventional oils. A synthetic oil will keep your engine well protected in the cold and help extend the life of your vehicle.

Synthetic Oil in Bremen

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