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Autumn Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

The changing weather and temperatures mean adjustments to the way you ride your motorcycle. Colder conditions can create more hazards on the road that you need to aware of as a motorcycle rider. The Oil Channel in Bremen has some tips to prepare you for the changes on the road this fall.

Changes in Sunlight

As the weather changes and the temperatures start to drop, sunlight conditions also change. During this season, the sun is lower in the sky and can cause a horrible glare as you ride your motorcycle. Since the trees are losing their leaves you might also find yourself driving through alternating patches of shade and light that may be uncomfortable and distracting. Find alternate routes that will help you avoid driving with the sun in your eyes or that will keep you away from distracting light/shade areas. Since the sun sets earlier you should also be prepared to do more riding in the dark. Wear visible colors and fix any broken lights on your motorcycle.

Wear the Proper Gear

Since the cool morning temperatures tend to heat up by midday, it's hard to know what to wear as you head out the door. Dressing in layers is a good idea because you can remove layers if the temperatures start to heat up. The cold is very fatiguing and can take a toll on your level of alertness, even if you don't notice it right away. Keep yourself warm but avoid bulky layers that can impair your mobility. If you're riding at night, light reflective articles of clothes are also a good idea.

Road Hazards

The colder temperatures can cause conditions on the road to become more dangerous. Avoid riding over piles of dry leaves since these can hide road irregularities underneath them. The colder mornings and nights can cause icy road conditions, especially after some rain, that can cause you to lose traction on the road. Be extra cautious while riding through shady areas that can freeze up faster and become slippery. Remember that there may be fewer motorcycle riders on the road, so you will have to be extra cautious and alert.

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